Show ID, pay before getting medical care

‘Show ID, pay before getting medical care’

by MJN team | 16 Dec 2014

KOTA KINABALU - WITH the exception of life-threatening medical cases, foreign patients in Sabah hospitals are now required to produce identification documents and pay before receiving treatment.

This follows a directive to strictly observe a regulation under the Fees Act (Medical) 1951, which has been in effect for many years but was not adhered to...

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Pageant honors pioneer Filipina nurse in Toronto

RMAF medical specialists on mercy flight

by MJN team

When Lt Col Dr A Saravanan boarded a Hercules C130 bound for Kuching today, he already knew that he is going to be part of a mission that was never done before. The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) aviation medicine specialist was among the six specialists who were assembled to embark on a mercy flight to bring six patients from here to five specialist hospitals in the Peninsular...
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Vasalgel could spell end to vasectomies in men

Vasalgel could spell end to vasectomies in men

PETALING JAYA – We’ve heard how men dread getting a vasectomy as a form of birth control. We have also heard about the reluctance of some men to wear condoms or worse yet, simply abstain from sexual intercourse as alternative and effective forms of birth control....   More »

Health Alert

Dangerous weed mushrooming in Malaysia

Dangerous weed mushrooming in Malaysia

SUNGAI PETANI – It has been dubbed the “worst weed of the century”, destroying native flora and crops, causing rashes that can leave humans permanently scarred and damaging the intestines of animals that eat it. Called Parthenium hysterophorus, it was first detected here in...   More »

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Prices of drugs in Malaysia lowest in the region, says pharmacy grou

Prices of drugs in Malaysia lowest in the region, says pharmacy group   New 

MJN Team | 17 Dec 2014

Prices of medicines in Malaysia are among the lowest in the Asean region, said an association representing drug companies, following complaints of escalating cost of medication. English daily The Star reported...

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Medicine cost, doctors’ fees will rise after GST, say medical practitioners

MJN Team | 15 Dec 2014

Despite repeated assurances by the prime minister that private healthcare will be exempted from the Goods and Services Tax (GST), briefings by the Customs Department have indicated otherwise, say medical...

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IMU Signed MOU with University of Southampton

MJN Team | 10 Dec 2014

The International Medical University (IMU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with its partner university, University of Southampton (UoS), United Kingdom. The Memorandum was jointly signed in...

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International News

Grim outlook for healthcare, hospital sector in 2015

Grim outlook for healthcare, hospital sector in 2015   New 

17 Dec 14

The outlook for non-profit healthcare remains dour for 2015, as hospital operating margins continue to face pressure from rising costs and weaker reimbursement. ...

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Education News

Unimas university hospital proposed

Unimas university hospital proposed

16 Nov 14

KUCHING - A suggestion has been made for the government to build a university hospital dedicated to Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas). Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail (BN-Bukit Kota) believed that this would help facilitate the training for the university’s Medical Faculty...

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New leukaemia drug kills 90pc of cancer in first dose

Antibiotics resistance could kill 10m a year by 2050

16 Dec 14

The region with the highest number of deaths attributable to antimicrobial resistance would be Asia with 4.7 million. A British government-commissioned review has found that resistance to antibiotics could account for 10 million deaths...

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Pioneer in air, land medical evacuation

Pioneer in air, land medical evacuation

11 Dec 14

JOHOR BARU - AMS comprises full-time teams of medical professionals in Johor Baru who are providing an essential medical evacuation service to meet the needs of people who want to do their best to save their loved ones...

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