Health Ministry introduces Misi Masuk Kampung’ program to identify senior citizens in need of healthcare


The Health Ministry has launched the 'Misi Masuk Kampung' programaimed to identify patients, particularly senior citizens, who do not go to hospitals or clinics for medical check-up, but who are in need of treatment.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said most patients did not go for regular medical check-ups at hospitals or clinics, which was one of the factors why many diabetic, obese and high blood patients could not be detected early.

He said the 'Misi Masuk Kampung' mission was aimed at reducing the risk of dangerous diseases, especially among senior citizens in the rural areas.

"It is estimated that 15 % of Malaysians will become senior citizens by 2030. So we are going to the villages to do the early screenings as part of the efforts to prevent an individual from getting dangerous illnesses.

"We will carry out house-to-house early screenings and medical check-ups, and if they need further treatment, they can go to the nearby health clinic," he said.