Seventh person in Sarawak dies of rabies


A 26-year-old man has become the seventh and latest casualty of rabies since the infection was detected in Sarawak early last year.

The State Disaster Management Committee said in a statement that the victim from Taman Seri Makmur, Baru 6, Matang, died at the Sarawak General Hospital on Tuesday.

According to the statement, the man was bitten by a stray dog on Dec 23 but he did not seek treatment at a hospital and instead obtained medicine from a nearby pharmacy.

Last month, the man suffered muscle spasms, numbness and headache and sought treatment at a private clinic on March 29 and 30 before being referred to the Sarawak General Hospital.

"He had symptoms of hydrophobia, aerophobia, headache, hallucination, overall weakness and paralysis. His condition worsened and he died on April 3,” the statement said.