Six Malaysian Standards (MS) on food will be reviewed to improve health protection


Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau said recently that six Malaysian Standards (MS) on food will be reviewed to give consumers better protection in terms of safety, health, and to prevent false labelling of the content.

This includes foods and food content which are often consumed or used in cooking, namely sugar (MS 2695); flour (MS 85); biscuits (MS 1434); beef burgers (MS 1126); beef frankfurters (MS 1125); and virgin coconut oil MS 2043.

"The review of outdated MS or those which are no longer relevant, especially concerning food is a pro-active move by Standards Malaysia to protect the rights of the people to get good and nutritious foods," he said in a statement.

Madius said in one case, the producer of the beef burger did not state clearly in the product label that buffalo meat was used, causing consumers to lose confidence in the product and affecting other burger producers too.

"The standards are more stringent and comprehensive to ensure that food producers abide by all the regulations in the production, preparation, grading, packaging, labelling and testing process," he said