Duty comes first for senior nurse, despite missing husband, children

Duty comes first for senior nurse, despite missing husband, children

While others are staying home with their families, Nor Hayati Abd Rashid is hard at work carrying out her duties and responsibilities as a front line staff in the fight against Covid-19.

As of today, it has been two-weeks since the Chief Nursing Supervisor at the Teluk Intan Hospital in Perak had seen her family or returned to her home in Ipoh.

Not that she was barred from taking her off-days but she voluntarily offered to continue working as she did not have the heart to leave her duty at the height of crisis.

Nor Hayati acknowledges that as a wife and mother, she misses her husband and her children.

“Each day, I will call and talk to my husband and the children, to cope with the longing. That is all I can afford to do,” she remarked.

On her duties, Nor Hayati who is also the Malaysian Nurses Association President said that her responsibilities include managing the roster of nurses who come under her care, especially those taking care of Covid-19 patients.

“Alhamdulillah, we had been provided beds in the hospital for staff on duty ... even family members understand and expect this kind of situation of wives and mothers who are healthcare personnel.

"We are well cared for by the Health Ministry in the hospital and are always ready, especially mentally when it comes to carrying out our duties,” she said.

Asked on her feelings while on duty, Nor Hayati said she was proud to be part of history and contribute to the nation during such a challenging period.

She adds that Malaysians should also play their respective role in helping health frontliners by staying home and adhering to the Movement Control Order (MCO), which has been enforced since March 18.

“The medical team is special, in that we are able to survive as we help and support each other, and we are always ready to help, in readiness to face any possibilities.

“However, people should also help us... if you feel sorry for us then stay home. If possible, we would like to stay home, however we have to fulfil our responsibility,” she said.

She adds that the Covid-19 outbreak was not her first experience in the management of infectious disease, but had faced a similar situation when the country had to deal with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and West Asian Coronary Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV).

Source: NST