Second booster shot for high-risk senior citizens and adults wanting to travel

Second booster shot for high-risk senior citizens and adults wanting to travel

The second booster shot are for high-risk senior citizens and adults who require it for travel purpose.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin in a statement today said healthy senior citizens who wished to receive second booster jab would require prior consultation with medical practitioners.

"The second Pfizer booster shot is for high-risk senior citizens; they must be aged 60-year-old and above, have received their first booster at least four months ago and include those who are still infected with Covid-19 after taking first booster jab.

"Those who meet the criteria will receive a booking link on MySejahtera starting today (April 22); they can make an appointment at the listed vaccination centres (PPV)," he said.
He said senior citizens who are currently receiving treatment at government or private hospitals that also serve as PPV could receive their booster jabs at the respective hospitals.

"For those receiving treatment at government or private hospitals that are not PPV, the specialists need to conduct a pre-vaccination assessment before referring them to a PPV hospital.

"They can also walk-in to any PPV that are still operating, while nursing homes can apply for their eligible residents at the respective district health offices," he added.

The high-risk senior citizens are individuals with chronic respiratory disease, chronic heart disease or vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, chronic neurological disease, diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders, asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen, individuals with a body mass index of over 40 and those with severe mental illness.

Khairy said individuals aged 18 years old and above who wish to travel are also eligible for the second booster jab.

"They must have at least have a one-month gap between their first booster. They can walk in to any operating PPV and bring along supporting documents such as air tickets and travel documents."

Meanwhile, he said, youth aged 12 to 17 years old who are immunocompromised (moderate or severe) and certified by government or private medical specialists, are allowed to take booster shot.

"For this age group, they can take the booster shot 28 days after they completed the second dose.

"And for those who have already completed (the doses) but are still infected with coronavirus, they are eligible to take the (second) booster shot three months after their recovery," he said.

He said the booster shot for the group are available at government and private hospitals, private child specialist clinics, as well as health clinics with specialists.

"For those who meet the criteria but are not offered a booster jab, they can meet with their doctor for a pre-vaccination assessment and later be referred to a government or private hospitals, private child specialist clinics and health clinic with specialists," he said. - NST


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