News - December 2018

»   Eatery operators unhappy over smoking ban

»  Health protection scheme given free to B40 group

»  Hundreds of pharmacists fail to get permanent posts

»  Immunisation available for undocumented children, says minister

»  Bright future expected for Malaysian healthcare

»  Mahatir urges for more support among HIV+ members of society

»  Malaysian government contemplates mandatory HIV testing for couples getting married

»  Malaysians encouraged to screen for HIV as early as possible

»  No compromise on health of non-smokers, says ministry

»  Sabah needs a good cancer centre

»  Sarawak seeks to gain autonomy of health matters

»  Shortage of medicines at govt hospitals due to e-procurement issues

»  Astounding number of Malaysians suffer from sleep deprivation

»  Bright future expected for Malaysian healthcare

»  Cardiovascular health anticipated to draw medical tourists to Malaysia

»  Mental Health is an almost silent epidemic

»  Malaysia widens ban on pork products

»  Indonesian who died from rabies not infected in Malaysia

»  Dangerous to drink from recycled tin cans, health ministry

»  HIV infections through sexual transmission on the rise - Dzulkefly

»  Artificial intelligence can help improve patient outcomes

»  Fake doctor may have accelerated woman’s death

»  Health Minister: Private sector can do more to help breast cancer patients

»  MOH confirms 21 chilli samples contained pesticide

»  Needs documented evidence of medical marijuana benefits first - health ministry

»  No impact, says govt in defending closure of 34 1Malaysia clinics

»  Private hospitals cooperation urged to assist needy cancer patients

»  Smoking ban: Health Minister not worried about losing votes

News - November 2018

»  EMR system to be implemented at 145 hospitals nationwide within next three years, says minister

»  Nurses and doctors, participated hand sanitising relay at HKL

»  Standard Chartered partners health Ministry to help cataract patients

»  More than 20,000 eatery owners object to smoking ban

»  Putrajaya to consult experts before mulling legalising marijuana - Deputy minister

»  Malaysia needs more pathologists, says health ministry

»  Malaysian government stands firm on smoking ban

»  Health ministry is happy with Budget 2019 allocations

»  Malaysia needs 700 geriatricians for ageing population

»   Malaysia and Qatar share agree to sign MoU on health cooperation

»  Deputy minister: Govt committed to providing healthcare for B40 group

»   Misconceptions about opioids affect pain control among cancer patients, Malaysian survey

»  Malaysian doctors aim to raise awareness about COPD

»  Low level of health awareness among Malaysians, says minister

»  Next global malaria threat will happen in Malaysia

»  Government should properly the country’ address mental health epidemic

»  GlaxoSmithKline commences clean-up to fight dengue

»KPJ launches ‘Pink Stories’ to encourage early cancer detection  

»  Battling TB by advocating better healthcare services for foreign workers

»  Malaysia is facing ‘triple burden’ in tackling malnutrition, according to report

»  Stepping up efforts to improve mental well-being of Malaysians

»  Tuberculosis a major health problem in Sabah

»  1 in 10 Malaysian men, 1 in 9 women at risk of getting cancer

»  Rabies case confirmed in Sarawak

»   Malaysians gaining support for the medical marijuana

»  Health ministry supports MAC in bid to stop discrimination of HIV-positive workers

»  Kelantan Health Dept identifies at-risk clinics and hospitals

»  KLSMC joins AFC's medical centre of excellence in Asia

»  More bucks for health but no long-term plan to address rising costs

»  TB levels in Malaysia are 'not ideal', says Minister

»  Using drones to combat Aedes mosquitoes

»  Vape and Shisha not included in smoking ban, according to Health Minister

»  Vaping, shisha with nicotine also banned at eateries

»  WHO praises smoke-free efforts by Penang

»  B40 healthcare coverage expands to cover 36 illnesses

»  DPM: Malaysia has younger coronary heart patients

»  EMR system to be implemented in 145 hospitals nationwide

»  Health Minister enforces product guideline on Cell and Gene Therapy products by 2021

»  Health Ministry mulls review of housemanship training programmes

News - October 2018

»  Give us permission to vaccinate your babies, says Ministry of Health

»  Sufficient medicine for hepatitis C patients, says Health DG

»  Pharmaniaga review still inconclusive, says Dr Dzulkefly

»  Health Ministry seizes unregistered medicines worth RM25.7m

»  Apps to help in reducing NCD prevalence

»  Cancer fourth biggest killer in Malaysia

»  14 poisonous skincare products banned - Health Ministry

»  Malaysia's the fattest country in Asia

»  Laksa poisoning caused by salmonella bacteria

»  Health Ministry requests RM30b allocation in budget 2019

»  Malaysia first regional country to eradicate mother-to-child HIV cases

»  Malaysia’s healthcare industry spending to reach RM80b by 2020

»  Reduced administration of dual antiplatelet therapy as an option post-stents

»  Wan Azizah launches cancer screening bus

»  45 deaths from methanol poisoning nationwide

»  Conference highlights role of nurses as patient's advocate

»  Dr Lee Boon Chye said that many not aware they have diabetes

»  Govt doctors can take unrecorded leave to serve in Sulawesi

»  Lifebuoy promotes handwashing habits to control infectious diseases

»  Only those aged 21 and up can purchase alcoholic beverages

»  Cancer patients still diagnosed late despite screening, study says

»  Cigarette prices to be raised next month

»  Doctor in Malaysia pulls live tick from inside man's ear

»  Eateries nationwide to be smoke-free from Jan 1

»  Food poisoning sickens 60 and 2 deaths, Salmonella confirmed

»  Health ministry, operators of food premises to talk on special smoking rooms

»  Health Ministry recalls lettuce over high pesticide levels

»  Malaysia eyes leading role in Asean cancer resolution - Health Minister

»  Mercy Malaysia builds shelters, toilets in Palu

»  MP fined for violating smoking ban in Parliament

»  Sarawak aims to increase number of doctors

»  Strategies to address rejection on vaccines - Health ministry

»  4,000 teenage girls get pregnant every year

News - September 2018

»  Health ministry assured patients will get supply despite freeze on free drugs scheme

»  Australian strawberries carefully checked at entry points in Malaysia

»  7 new cases of alcohol poisoning - Health ministry

»  Traditional medicine contains poison, Health Ministry warns

»  Risk factors of breast cancer in 7,663 women in Malaysia

»  Occupational-related hearing loss a rising concern in Malaysia

»  Health Ministry orders ban on Sri Saga juice products

»  Pharmaceuticals to gain from govt healthcare policies

»  Bioems invests RM2 million to open health centre in Melaka

»  Four more deaths of methanol poisoning in Selangor

»  Exercise medicine gaining traction in Malaysia

»  Consumer group wants to be strict on sale of health juice products

»  Clinics receive medical equipment donated by Miri MP

»  Cannabis oil only for research not medicinal, says Health Ministry

»  19 men die of suspected alcohol poisoning in Malaysia

»  Update on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in Malaysia

»  Sunway builds hospital in Seberang Jaya

»  Steroids found in 2 juice drinks from Malaysia

»  Sex predator doctor suspended - Health minister

»  Senior doctor suspended two months, health minister confirms

»  Sandakan lacks a specialist hospital

»  Report on sexual harassment case of housemen goes to MACC

»  Rehabilitation hospital launched in Petaling Jaya

»  Open-air restaurants to be declared no-smoking zones starting December

»  Malaysia may become the first country in Asia to legalise medical marijuana

»  Malaysia committed to ending tuberculosis epidemic by 2035

»  Nose cancer most common cancer among Malaysian Chinese

»  Health Minister against lowering marriageable age

»  Lack of health professionals in Saba, 1 doctor for every 1,200 patients

»  Health NGO reminds government free medicine

»  Health Ministry reminded not to rely on 'Dr Google' for medical advice

»  Health Minister to address shortage of health professionals

»  Govt to ban smoking in open-air eateries will save lives

»  FPMPAM organises first healthcare conference

»  Dzulkefly asks private hospitals to set up mobile clinics

»  Demand for Enterostomal therapy nurses in Malaysia

»  Clinical trials conducted to improve patient survival

»  Allied Health Professions Act to be enforced early next year

»  Task force study the possibility of having a facility for public

»  Social health insurance to ensure equal access to health care - Dr Dass

»  Reducing mental illness issues in Malaysia

»  Private healthcare suggested to take patients from govt hospitals

»  Medical organisations supporting smoking ban at open-air eateries

»  Malaysia considering tax on soft drinks to reduce obesity

»  Australian strawberries carefully checked at entry points in Malaysia

»  Occupational-related hearing loss a rising concern in Malaysia

»  Risk factors of breast cancer in 7,663 women in Malaysia

»  Traditional medicine contains poison, Health Ministry warns

News - August 2018

»  Health Ministry continues Pharmaniaga’s supply contract

»  Health minister: Free meds programme under review

»  Ministry of Health suspended pharmaceutical companies providing new drugs for free

»  Doctor: Some specialists only speak Mandarin

»  Birth rate in Malaysia drops this year

»  12 Babies fed contaminated milk are well

»  10 victims help probe over sexual harassment claim on senior doctor

»  Potential doctors and specialists from Saba encouraged to serve locally

»  Other questions about B40 group health insurance

»  Malaysia-made baby milk powder recalled from Singapore market

»  Housemen must know their rights - deputy health DG

»  HFMD cases in Melaka are rising by 102%

»  Health Ministry: Hopes for higher budget in 2019 to improve primary and preventive health care

»  53,156 HFMD cases reported this year till Aug 18

»  Rabies case reported in Sarawak

»  Hemodialysis machines donates by Eco World Foundation

»  Bian praises Pfizer Malaysia health volunteers

»  500,000 Malaysians suffer from hepatitis C

»  Treating advanced ovarian cancer

»  'Sex predator' doctor urging staff to sign support letter

»  Reduce your exposure to air pollution, says health ministry

»  Proposal to raise doctors consultation fees by RM30 to RM125

»  Need more for neurosurgeons in hospitals

»  MMA calls for more transparency in health screening for foreign workers

»  Malaysian Government proposes internet ban for teens

»  Malaysian fertility clinics target couples from China

»  LGBT people have an ‘organic disorder,’ says minister

»  Increasing number of patients in Seremban

»  Housemanship issue; Students’ attitude aggravates problem

»  Health Ministry wants to increase number of medical specialists

»  Public need to be aware of unregistered beauty centres

»  Ex-Health DG; Discrimination against transgender people

»  Doctor: Some specialists only speak Mandarin

»  Doctors must only use English or BM during the ward visit

»  Doctors fees may cost at least three times more mext year

»  Doctors come out in support of medical rights for LGBT

»  Despite financial constraints APM Selangor recruiting more volunteers

»  Cancer patients: Best leading cancer specialist in Malaysia

News - July 2018

»  Breast cancer patients have the right for better survival

»  All states in Malaysia except Sarawak shows increase in HFMD cases

»  Herbalife appoints Dr Hamid Jan as Nutrition Advisory Board

»  Health Ministry to regulate doula services

»  HFMD outbreak in Penang worsen

»  Malaysians breast cancer patients have the right for better survival

»  No fatality caused by Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Sabah and Sarawak

»  Supermarket trolleys found as main cause Of HFMD outbreak

»  Upgrading facilities in the Lahad Datu Hospital

»  Allow unrecorded leave for parents whose children have been diagnosed HFMD

»  Breast cancer patients have the right for better survival

»  Hanipa Maidin is in safe condition, say Dzulkefly

»  Health Ministry wants to increase 3% of permanent blood donors

»  Two medical centres in Malaysia doing Clinical trials to treat Duchenne disease

»  Study finds 16% of teenagers involved in bullying

»  Some 4.2mil Malaysians suffer from mental health problems, says Health Minister

»  Quality doctors, the best medicine says health minister

»  Health ministry mulls action against childcare centres due to HFMD cases

»  Health minister terminates contractor's services in Terengganu

»  Helping your child overcome fear of the doctor's

»  Malaysia records 50% drop in new HIV cases

»  Minister says, no Japanese Encephalitis alarm in Saba

»  Nurse felt trauma

»  Quality doctors, the best medicine says health minister

»  Sarawak rural clinics do not have 'resident doctors'

»  Survey indicates 80% of junior doctors bullied

»  Top preventable diseases in Malaysia, discussed

»  Two medical centres in Malaysia doing Clinical trials to treat Duchenne disease

»  Worms found in fish curry in Melaka restaurant

»  2 schools in Penang are closed due to HFMD

»  130 doctors graduated from Penang Medical College

»  Don't self-prescribe without consulting a doctor

»  Dr Yap, Malaysian outstanding young scientists

»  Influenza: Vaccine preventable diseases

»  Malaysian Government helpless over medicine prices

»  Valsartan drugs not for use in Malaysia

»  Health ministry considering medicine price control

»  Malaysia launched first Food-EPI to control rising (NCDs) and obesity

»  Burden of diabetes weighs on Malaysians; highest in the region

»  Health ministry: HFMD can cause death if not urgently treated

»  Health Ministry: No schools in Selangor closed due to HFMD

»  Malaysia dealt with rabies disease

»  Penang reports increase 48% in hand, foot and mouth disease

»  73% total inpatient deaths in Malaysia due to NCD

»   5,000 babies born to underage mothers in Malaysia

»  Burden of diabetes weighs on Malaysians; highest in the region

News - April 2018

»  HRPB Bariatric Clinic poised to be obesity referral centre

»  Dialysis patients from Klang benefit from free van service

»  Apply for childcare fee subsidy, middle-income parents in Johor told

»  Taconic Biosciences introduces new animal mouse models

»  RM130 million national centre for food security to be completed by 2021

»  RM90.5 million allocated to create new building at Segamat Hospital

»  Researchers from China develop nanotech to fight cancer – an alternative to chemotherapy

»  MyCare to set up special fund for murdered Palestinian imam's family

»  Most blind people find it hard to access information

»  Malaysian women with kidney disease face lower survival rates compared to men

»  CCM Duopharma Biotech aims to be second pharmaceutical company in value within the next 24 months

»  OmniComm Systems signs first TrialMaster customer in China

»  Colorectal cancer the second most common cancer in Malaysia; however can be prevented with early screening

»  Ensure the safety of your staff during GE14, NIOSH cautions

»  Japan-based Genesis Healthcare Co enters Asian market

»  Malaysia has high potential to become Asian medical device hub

»  Penang Adventist Hospital launches RM.3.3 million heart centre to cater to patients

»  Ikhmas Unit bags two contracts worth RM257.7 million to upgrade Kajang Hospital

»  Health Ministry introduces Misi Masuk Kampung’ program to identify senior citizens in need of healthcare

»  Health Minister orders recall of two brands of canned sardines after dead worms found

»  Fit Malaysia a good platform to keep healthy - Khairy

»  Farmasia and Nucleus Dynamics sign MoUto enhance patient care

»  Dental Bill 2017 passed

»  Crown Bioscience to present preclinical cancer drug development at AACR conference

»  Baling Hospital to gain specialist hospital status by 2021

»  Almost 10, 000 Parkinson’s disease patients receive brain pacemaker

»  Additional building of Tanah Merah to be completed by 2021

»  Six Malaysian Standards (MS) on food will be reviewed to improve health protection

»  Seventh person in Sarawak dies of rabies

»  RM304.5 million Kajang Hospital’s Women and Children Complex to be ready in 2021

»  New insurance scheme to give country’s poor access to private healthcare

»  Najib launches 12 health projects worthRM1.64 billion in Penang

»  More no-smoking areas to be gazetted to make Malaysia a smoke-free nation by 2045

»  Mental illness to be the second major health concern in Malaysia by 2020 after heart disease

»  Health Ministry makes groundbreaking discovery of finding Hepatitis C cure

News - March 2018

»  Health Ministry launches Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Blueprint 2018-2027

»  Health Ministry launches book to assist psychiatry assistant medical officers

»  Government provides mental health care in 33 hospitals – Health Ministry

»  Government eyes 48 clinics to adopt the family doctor concept (FDC)

»  Doulas no substitute to trained personnel in delivering babies - Malaysian Medical Association

»  Cardiovascular disease the biggest killer among type 2 diabetes patients- experts

»  Begin hormone replacement therapy early to ease menopause symptoms, women told

»  Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) to have own teaching hospital by 2021

»  Sunway Group to build a hospital in Seberang Jaya costing RM500 million

»  Services at Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) have recovered after fire

»  Offer vitamin C injection services and be prepared to be struck off, Health Ministry warns doctors

»  Niosh working closely with occupational safety practitioners to provide the best care for Malaysians

»  Most Malaysians deprived of vacations – Expedia study

»  Malaysians consuming too much salt; nasilemak and roti canai among the food culprits

»  Malaysians above 20 urged to go for health check-ups

»  IHH Healthcare to make voluntary open offer to buy non-promotera shares of Fortis

»  Health Ministry on mission to eradicate viral hepatitis in the country

»  Columbia Asia receives additional equity investment of US$210 million; aims to deepen its specialty care

»  18 selected hospitals nationwide offering free Sofosbuvir-based direct-acting antiviral (DAA) for the treatment of hepatitis C

»  Addiction to smart devices can lead to spine and neck problems, along with carpal tunnel syndrome – Niosh

»  Results of food poisoning case at Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital will be out in one week – Health Ministry

»  Fever, night sweats, prolonged coughing, among symptoms of TB – Health Ministry

»  Cases of dengue fever for the period February 18 to 24 increased up by 52

»  Health Ministry installs 241 CT Scan, 104 MRI machines

»  Biib+app and the Rotary Club of Ampang raising funds to provide clean water for Myanmar village

»  SunMed introduces Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, an advanced radiation machine that treats brain cancer

»  Health Ministry paying close attention to the spread of mumps in the country

»  Get cough medicines only from medical practitioners or pharmacists – Health Ministry

»  Seretide inhalers in the country safe to use – Health Ministry

»  Number of tuberculosis patients on the rise;parents must vaccinate their children – Health Ministry

»  Infectious diseases on the rise as some parents refuse to vaccinate their children

»  Health Ministry to see whether pneumococcal vaccine should be included in NIP

»  Malaysian scientist the first from developing country to receive the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award

»  Health Ministry advices mumps patients to temporarily isolate themselves to prevent spread of disease

»  Health Ministry, Dosh and Socso develop integrated health screening data system for non-infectious diseases

»  Ministry sketches guidelines to prevent child deaths in vehicles

»  Nadma to work closely with NGOs to establish volunteer corps

»  Only 11 tuberculosis-infected cows put down this year -Veterinary Services Departmen

»  PRA Health Sciences awarded best CRO in Asia for the fourth time since 2013

»  Procedures of road-related sport events must be reviewed – NIOSH

»  RM13 million allocated for the building of an Orang Asli hospital in Kelantan

»  The pathology unit at the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital to be upgraded

»  Cattle-breeding company fined RM10,000 for selling Tuberculosis-infected cows

»  Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) and intellim Corporation sign MOU to establish strategic partnership

»  Dengue cases between March 4 to March 10 drop by 118 from previous week

»  Government always strives to improve the quality of healthcare in the country - Sharifah Zarah

News - February 2018

»  Death of baby in Johor due to shortness of breath – Health Ministry

»  Children living in Kuala Lumpur’s working-class neighbourhoods suffer from health risks – Unicef study

»  Better pension benefits for civil servants living with disabilities

»  23% of parks and playgrounds have become breeding places for Aedes mosquitoes

»  Awareness on occupational safety still low in Kedah

»  Two companies fined for flouting health standards

»  The 20-second rule to washing your hands the right way

»  Sixth victim of rabies discharged - Dr Hilmi

»  Sarawak declares war against rabies – Uggah

»  Malaysia’s MyCafe '4-in-1 Penang Durian White Coffee' recalled from shelves in Singapore

»  I will eat anything” – a psychiatric condition called Pica

»  Health Ministry to take action on doula issue if report is issued

»  Errant smokers in Kelantan to face strict action which may include RM10,000 fine

»  Drinking hot tea may reduce risk of having glaucoma

»  Malaysian woman awarded Honorary Order of the British Empire (OBE) for medical research

»  Health DG awarded Fellowship Ad Hominem, Royal College of Surgeons Of Edinburgh

»  UMP students bag top award for developing capsule that treats constipation

»  IHH rakes in RM 970 million in FY17

»  Genesis Healthcare completes third-party equity allocation

»  Delayed Petra Jaya hospital to be completed by year end – Health Minister

»  Claim that there are 1,548 Malaysian doctors currently in the UK is dubious – Dr Subra

»  Bogus dentist gets jail, RM 100, 000 fine for providing unlicensed service

»  Bentong Hospital seeks upgrading – Liow

»  50,000 volunteers have been trained by Health Ministry to detect, prevent NCD

»  Six Pasir Gudang pupils suspected of having influenza

»  Pre-mixed coffee: Health Ministry to check specimens from the rack

»  No special leave for government doctors and nurses who want to work abroad - Health Deputy Minister

»  No chemicals found in original pre-mixed durian flavoured coffee – Subramaniam

»  Melaka government to build new hospital costing RM 1 billion

»  Malaysia to have 5.6 million senior citizens by 2030

»  Malaysia to develop world's first animal component-free meningitis vaccine

»  Malaysian field hospital in Cox's Bazar to continue operation until year's end

»  Labuan health department steps up to the mark

»  Hospital for military veterans to be built in Perak

»  Five seeks treatment at Penang hospital after drinking instant coffee

»  Facilities at the Imperial Dental Centre did not meet health standards, court told

»  Do something to curb mental illness among Malaysian youths

»  Some facts about stomach cancer

»  Zika threat still not over

»  Get regular check-ups even if you are active and fit

»  MOH bans three cosmetic products containing poisons

»  Terengganu health department raids premises offering illegal dental brace fitting service

»  Two traders to be charged soon for selling fake milk – Health Ministry

»  Almost 60 % of cancer cases detected at stage III and IV – Dr Subramaniam

»  Don’t drink pre-mixed coffee offered by strangers – Health Ministry

»  Health Ministry probing into allegations of fake Dutch baby milk powder – Health Ministry

»  Heart attack symptoms in young women often misinterpreted

»  Social media platform WhatsApp helped reduce maternal mortality

News - January 2018

»  Health Ministry declares end to MERS-CoV epidemic in country

»  Set up rehab programmes for ketum abusers, Risda urges

»  23 students suffer food poisoning after spaghetti meal

»  Year one pupil the first fatal victim of floods in Pahang

»  Mark your calendar for 4th Manufacturing Processes for Medical Technology Exhibition and Conference from 29-31 August 2018

»  Post Basic Haemodialysis (PBHD) Nursing Programme trains nurses in Malaysia to specialize in dialysis care

»  Johor employers more receptive to hiring disabled workers

»  Umrah pilgrim tested positive for MERS-CoV infection - Health DG

»  Rumour of student infected by H1N1 untrue – Health DG

»  Malaysian field hospital in Cox's Bazar to be improved

»  The Defence Ministry’s six key objectives to strengthen Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM)’s healthcare services

»  Set up one exercise clinic per each district – Health Ministry

»  Malaysia nabs award for access to affordable hepatitis C medicine

»  Langkawi Hospital to be upgraded to major specialist hospital status under the 11th Malaysia Plan

»  Johor employers more receptive to hiring disabled workers

»  Health Ministry to upgrade more than 200 rural clinics in Sabah

»  Employers have the responsibility to provide safe and healthy a working environment

»  Government will continue to upgrade facilities at cluster hospitals – Health Minister

»  MMA: We have done enough, state governments should implement subsidised healthcare plan

»  More Malaysians warming up to yoga

»  RM5.62 Million allocated for hospitals' board of visitors, health clinic advisory panels

»  Seized infant formula safe, but lacks quality - Health Ministry

»  Umrah pilgrim tested positive for MERS-CoV infection - Health DG

»  VBAC can pose risk of uterine rupture - specialist

»  Welfare group to provide wheelchair loan assistance to the needy

»  Doctor2U Partners With Pamb, Prubsn to provide health screening services

»  Review for best hearing aids

»  Misuse of pain killers in headache is harmful, says doctor from Pakistan

»  RMAF's Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM) among top in the world

»  Doctor2U Partners With Pamb, Prubsn to provide health screening services

»  Review for best hearing aids

»  102 people still at flood relief centres in Pekan

»  More government medical specialists resigning each year

»  Positive outlook for Malaysia’s life sciences sector

»  Sibu Division takes measures to curb rabies

Helping nurses manage stress by using mindfulness »  

»  An average of 43 workers died per day last year – Socso

»  Floods hit Kluang, 348 people evacuated

»  Health ministry in discussing technical aspects on bundle concept implementation

»  Latest rabies case confirmed in Kuching

»  Malaysia and India discuss cooperation in traditional medicine

»  Malaysian private healthcare to if state-sponsored national health insurance system goes through

»  PRG Holdings enters the healthcare industry with purchase of Roopi Medical Centre Sdn Bhd


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