Sm4rt Trace for physical distancing and contact tracing

  • SM4RT TRACE uses the SDA Tag equipped with flashing LED lights and physical vibrations as proximity alerts with accuracy down to 10cm.
  • SM4RT TRACE has helped contact trace up to 11,000 individuals in the Malaysian workforce
Sm4rt Trace for physical distancing and contact tracing

1.3 million, that is the number of COVID-19 cases Malaysia has recorded thus far. That is potentially 1.3 million instances where the recommended physical distance measures were not adhered to, leading to the transmission of the virus.

“It is important to note that just one simple factor - physical distance, can be the key difference between a report of zero new cases or one of close to 20,000 new cases per day as we are experiencing currently. A simple concept but one many seem unable to practice accurately. This is where our SM4RT TRACE solution comes into play. We have developed the most accurate physical distancing and contact tracing device, called the SDA tag, one which we hope can play a major role in curbing the rising tide of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia,” said SAT.Asia CEO Hafeiz Murshidie Hassan.

Developed by Malaysian-based engineering and technology company Singularity Aerotech Asia (SAT.Asia), SM4RT TRACE can prevent the spread of Coronavirus by monitoring the distance between two individuals and alerting the wearers accordingly. In collaboration with hardware partner Ubudu, a French company that produces technological solutions for today’s problems, the SM4RT TRACE solution is meant to help Malaysians become more aware of their surroundings, the risks of infection and ultimately, avoid both contracting but also spreading COVID-19.

Sm4rt Trace for physical distancing and contact tracing

This is in line with the government’s national recovery plan to reduce the number of daily COVID-19 cases, where private organisations in Phase 2 are allowed to operate at 80% capacity. In preparation of that, the government has strongly recommended the use of digital means for contact tracing, daily audit trails and a whistle blower system for factories that wish to continue operations throughout the MCO. With SM4RT TRACE able to do all three in real time, it presents the ideal solution for organisations to employ during these challenging times while keeping their employees safe.

With SM4RT TRACE, whenever an SDA Tag wearer comes in close contact with another, the tag’s LED light will flash and emit physical vibrations as a proximity alert, warning the user to physically distance themselves effectively. The device utilises the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which enables accuracy down to 10cm, providing a strong signal and ensuring fast data transfer all resulting in high accuracy, low latency, and zero interference.

In the case of contact with a positive patient, SM4RT TRACE can quickly identify them and furnish data to create a visualisation of their contact to aid in tracing. The device administrator will also have access to the dashboard to quickly audit contamination chains and identify risky behaviours in specific areas.

The innovative technology is already in use by key corporate organisations, namely United Motor Works (UMW) Aerospace and Penang-based Jabil. The former is Malaysia’s first homegrown Tier-1 aero engine component supplier to Rolls-Royce in the Asia-Pacific region, while the latter is a multinational organisation that provides electronic manufacturing services and solutions throughout the world, including Malaysia. With up to 11,000 employees equipped with the SDA tag, the SM4RT TRACE solution can better manage employees and has resulted in a 75% improvement in SOP compliance habits.

“I’m glad that we have been introduced to an all-in-one solution for contact tracing among UMW Aerospace employees, as we are an essential service. The technology developed by SAA - SM4RT TRACE - has helped us maintain social distancing while at work. The wearable device, SDA Tag, has greatly aided our ability to monitor and review any proximity concerns which ultimately, keeps our employees safe,” mentioned Rahul Kashyap, Head of Plant at UMW Aerospace.

Moving forward, SAT looks to employ its SM4RT TRACE solution in more locations around Malaysia, as it intends to help Malaysian factory workers lead safer lives as they continue their essential service. With an interactive database that showcases data deemed highly useful to many employers, the solution looks to be of use for indoor tracing as well, post-pandemic.