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»  Bian praises Pfizer Malaysia health volunteers

»  500,000 Malaysians suffer from hepatitis C

»  Treating advanced ovarian cancer

»  'Sex predator' doctor urging staff to sign support letter

»  Reduce your exposure to air pollution, says health ministry

»  Proposal to raise doctors consultation fees by RM30 to RM125

»  Need more for neurosurgeons in hospitals

»  MMA calls for more transparency in health screening for foreign workers

»  Malaysian Government proposes internet ban for teens

»  Malaysian fertility clinics target couples from China

»  LGBT people have an ‘organic disorder,’ says minister

»  Increasing number of patients in Seremban

»  Housemanship issue; Students’ attitude aggravates problem

»  Health Ministry wants to increase number of medical specialists

»  Public need to be aware of unregistered beauty centres

»  Ex-Health DG; Discrimination against transgender people

»  Doctor: Some specialists only speak Mandarin

»  Doctors must only use English or BM during the ward visit

»  Doctors fees may cost at least three times more mext year

»  Doctors come out in support of medical rights for LGBT

»  Despite financial constraints APM Selangor recruiting more volunteers

»  Cancer patients: Best leading cancer specialist in Malaysia

»  Two medical centres in Malaysia doing Clinical trials to treat Duchenne disease

»  Study finds 16% of teenagers involved in bullying

»  Some 4.2mil Malaysians suffer from mental health problems, says Health Minister

»  Quality doctors, the best medicine says health minister

»  Health ministry mulls action against childcare centres due to HFMD cases

»  Health minister terminates contractor's services in Terengganu

»  Helping your child overcome fear of the doctor's

»  Malaysia records 50% drop in new HIV cases

»  Minister says, no Japanese Encephalitis alarm in Saba

»  Nurse felt trauma

»  Quality doctors, the best medicine says health minister

»  Sarawak rural clinics do not have 'resident doctors'

»  Survey indicates 80% of junior doctors bullied

»  Top preventable diseases in Malaysia, discussed

»  Two medical centres in Malaysia doing Clinical trials to treat Duchenne disease

»  Worms found in fish curry in Melaka restaurant

»  2 schools in Penang are closed due to HFMD

»  130 doctors graduated from Penang Medical College

»  Don't self-prescribe without consulting a doctor

»  Dr Yap, Malaysian outstanding young scientists


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