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»  New hope for improved government health sector

»  Penang targets to be smoke-free within five years

»  Rabies controlled in Sarawak, deaths reach 10

»  Self-sacrifice was shown by nurse Nur Humaira

»  Six more sardine brands taken off shelves

»  The stigma about depression needs to end

»  Health Minister promises to ensure a more efficient and transparent drug supply chain

»  Health Ministry to implement six measures to provide the best health services

»  Health official exhorts health facilities safety, boost mental health plan

»  In time for Hari Raya: Blood donation drive on in Kuala Terangganu

»  Malaysian doctors and specialist working overseas - Please come back

»  MMA engaged in ministry to control healthcare activities

»  MMA: More slots at training hospitals opening up for housemen

»  Gov’t hospital specialists up for promotion opps

»  World Schizophrenia Day 2018: Five myths and facts about schizophrenia

»  Spending on healthcare to increase under new government

»  Patient safety linked to nurses’ workload

»  Nurses Day: Nurses appreciated with roses

»  New knowledge and skills important for nurses

»  International Nurses’ Day – honouring nurses around the world

»  World Hypertension Day 2018: Hypertension in kids growing

»  Revamped guidelines on managing adult asthma launched

»  More health clinics to adopt cashless payment scheme

»  Malaysian government spent RM1.9 bn on healthcare in Negeri Sembilan

»  Latest module of myPharmAssist programme launched


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HMA 2018
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11-13 May 2018
Radiology Asia 2018
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16-18 July 2018
21th Global Nursing Education Conference
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31 July to 2 August 2018
APHM 2018
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20-21 August 2018
Nursing & Health Care
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29-31 August 2018
Medical Fair Asia
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