Labuan health department steps up to the mark


The Labuan Health Department adheres strictly to its slogan and culture of 'We are Ready to Serve' in ensuring the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the duty-free island, said director Dr Ismuni Bohari.

"We don't compromise on negligence or slowness of service to our patients, and any such allegation in the social media or public forum will only jeopardise our image," he said, adding that the department was sensitive to the needs of patients.

The slowness in the Labuan Hospital complained about had been addressed in the interest of patient healthcare and the government's image, he said when responding to a complaint about the slowness of service at the hospital and pharmacy posted in the social media recently.

Dr Ismuni said the Labuan Hospital was not a major hospital but it was now equipped with a computed tomography (CT) scan and had 14 specialists providing their expertise in the nine fields of internal medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, orthopaedics, emergency, radiology, psychiatric and anaesthesia.

"As far as we are concerned, Labuan Hospital services and facilities have improved tremendously, with the hospital being equipped with the necessary medical facilities and sufficient specialists to cater to the needs of the people on the island," he said.

Dr Ismuni also said that the department had received support and assistance from the Health Ministry on the supply of expensive medication for tuberculosis (TB) patients.

"The anti-TB medication costs about RM70 per tablet and it has to be consumed for at least two years. As we have TB patients here, we made efforts to get the approval for the supply and we got it," he said.

He also said that to ensure customer satisfaction, a waiting time of not more than one hour for patients to receive their treatment and medication had been made a Key Performance Index (KPI) requirement.

"Any complaint about our services is welcome as that gives us the opportunity to improve. Please liaise with me personally. But, we cannot accept complaints aimed at tarnishing our image and made with bad intention," he said.

Kg BatuManikar village head Ismail Samad, in a statement to Bernama, said the allegation on the slowness of the pharmacy service was baseless.

"It is not true that the pharmacy service is slow and that it is impossible to get the medication until the afternoon. We can get it in less than half an hour over the counter," he said.


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