Don’t drink pre-mixed coffee offered by strangers – Health Ministry


Beware of pre-mixed coffee offered by strangers. It may be laced with drugs!

The Health Ministry has warned the public not to consume pre-mixed coffee offered by strangers as it might be spiked with drugs.

Minister, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam confirmed the analysis on the sample of coffee consumed by two Nepalese men, which caused them to experience extreme fatigue, contained psychoactive chemical substance.

"We had five patients (with similar symptoms) before this. Yesterday, there were two more cases with similar symptoms after they consumed coffee offered by strangers. It seems there is some kind of syndicate giving away coffee sachets which contain drugs.

"(The) people must be careful, do not accept anything from strangers. We will do our analysis while the police will investigate on their part such as (locating) the source and so on," he said.

Three men and two women were treated at the Penang Hospital after experiencing extreme fatigue and weakness while some also fainted after allegedly drinking a coffee recently.


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