Health Ministry probing into allegations of fake Dutch baby milk powder


The Ministry of Health is conducting a thorough investigation on allegations that the Dutch Baby milk formula for infants aged six to 12 months in the market is fake.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the investigation included seeing whether the milk content is artificial or otherwise.

"If we find any change in the milk content, then follow-up action will be taken.

"But we have to remember, that sometimes such things can be resolved by the ministry but at times we need the cooperation of the police to be involved in the investigation," he said.

He was responding to allegations on social media that the milk from the fake Dutch Baby packets were labelled 102 while the original milk was labelled 101 and other significant differences in terms of colour and the word 'Calcium' which was said to be written differently.

Dutch Lady, the manufacturer of Dutch Baby formula has issued a statement that it is cooperating closely with the Health Ministry to resolve the issue and has sent samples of the milk powder to the laboratory for clinical tests.

Regarding the progress of investigations and tests on the coffee product that left five men in Penang dizzy, weak and vomiting after drinking a kind of instant coffee mix recently, Dr Subramaniam said the information could not be disclosed because the investigation involved police and possibly the court too.

"The case has a criminal element, so it is better to let the statements related to the tests be made by the parties involved," he said.


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