Health Alert

»  Burden of diabetes weighs on Malaysians; highest in the region

»  Health ministry: HFMD can cause death if not urgently treated

»  Health Ministry: No schools in Selangor closed due to HFMD

»  Malaysia dealt with rabies disease

»  Penang reports increase 48% in hand, foot and mouth disease

»  73% total inpatient deaths in Malaysia due to NCD

»   5,000 babies born to underage mothers in Malaysia

»  Burden of diabetes weighs on Malaysians; highest in the region

»  Sardines from China found worms causing anisakiasis disease

»  Cases on measles increase, says Health Ministry

»  CRC, most common cancer in men

»  Colorectal cancer the second most common cancer in Malaysia; however can be prevented with early screening

»  Ensure the safety of your staff during GE14, NIOSH cautions

»   MOH bans three cosmetic products containing poisons

»   Terengganu health department raids premises offering illegal dental brace fitting service

»   Two traders to be charged soon for selling fake milk – Health Ministry

»   Almost 60 % of cancer cases detected at stage III and IV – Dr Subramaniam

»   Don’t drink pre-mixed coffee offered by strangers – Health Ministry

»   Health Ministry probing into allegations of fake Dutch baby milk powder – Health Ministry

»   Heart attack symptoms in young women often misinterpreted

»   Health Ministry declares end to MERS-CoV epidemic in country

»   Set up rehab programmes for ketum abusers, Risda urges

»   23 students suffer food poisoning after spaghetti meal

»   Year one pupil the first fatal victim of floods in Pahang


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