RM5.62 Million allocated for hospitals' board of visitors, health clinic advisory panels


The Health Ministry has allocated RM4.28 million to be channelled to health clinics advisory panels and RM1.34 million to board of visitors of hospitals nationwide to enable them to carry out health-related activities.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said currently, there were about 15,000 members of board of visitors at 134 hospitals and 2,700 advisory panel members at all 856 health clinics nationwide.

"Each hospital board of visitors receives RM10,000, while health clinic advisory panels receive RM5,000 each.

"We really appreciate the services provided by the board of visitors of hospitals and health clinic advisory panels which have been connecting hospitals or health clinics with the community," he said here today.

According to him, among the functions of the board of visitors of a hospital was to inform the public about the facilities and services provided by a hospital.


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