Misuse of pain killers in headache is harmful, says doctor from Pakistan


Professor of Medicine and Pulmonolgy at the Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences in Jamshoro, Dr. Santosh Kumar says the misuse of anti-hypertensive and pain killer drugs in treating headaches could be very harmful.

Dr. Santosh Kumar said headache was a common occurrence that affected people both young and old with many seeking medical advice from the various hospitals year-long in Pakistan.

However, there is a distinction between the primary type headache and the secondary category of headache, which could be due to an underlying disease. A broad range of disorders can lead to a headache and hence there is need for proper evaluation.

The challenges in the initial evaluation of an acute headache will be to identify those conditions that are life threatening, although the prevalence of life-threatening headache is not common in an emergency room of a hospital, he said.

Chronic headaches are commonly due to migraine tension, or depression, but they may be related to intra cranial lesions, head injury, hypertension and wide variety of general medical disease, Dr.Santosh said.


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