APHM 2017: WTK launches effortless ICU bed for healthcare providers

ICU bed

Healthcare providers in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) department can now push the ICU bed easily, with the new ARVÜNNCARE plus, the ICU bed that is able to move laterally.

Malaysia-based WTK Technologies introduced the ARVÜNNCARE bed three years ago. Now, the model returns as ARVÜNNCARE plus, with a motorised caster for easier movement.

“The advantage of this bed is to reduce workload in a single effort,” said Howe Wan Min, Senior Product Manager of WTK Technologies, adding that nurses in hospitals will be able to use a single operator to operate the bed.

The additional control handset comes with a bigger LCD display with on-screen digital degree indicator. It also has a button with memory setting that requires only one press button for the chair position, doctor examination position, bed exit and trendelenburg position, complete with a button for an emergency stop, as well as a CPR button with manual override for backrest and CPR quick release.

The ARVÜNNCARE plus bed is designed solely for the ICU department in private and public hospitals as well as medical centres.

Howe claims that WTK is the first local manufacturer to introduce the electrical motorised bed. The new electrical motorised ICU bed is equipped with a weighing scale by column system, chair position, nurse control, nurse lock and lateral tilt movement. Additionally, the bed can be pushed even if there are two or three patients on it.

ICU bed

According to Howe, WTK is the first in Malaysia to introduce this bed with the column system three years ago. The column consists of three sections, where they have the left and right tilt function. The electrical hospital bed provides a full force in nursing care, not to mention, the bed can be operated by the patients.

To keep astride with the competition, Howe says WTK is always on the ball to obtain advanced technology that can benefit end users, namely patients. “The more user-friendly the product, the easier for the caregiver to monitor it,” he adds.

Moving a step into the future with the ICU bed, WTK may have patients using wireless controllers next.

WTK Technologies established in 2003, deal in design, engineering and manufacturing complete range of medical gas pipeline equipment, pre-fabricated modular operation theatre systems, nurse call systems, and medical furniture. On the other hand, sister company WTK Manufacturing, incorporated in 2005 under the umbrella of WTK Technologies, provides design and build, installation and after sale services of hospital furniture systems.

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