Malaysia dealt with rabies disease


The rabies disease is seriously being dealt with all over Malaysia especially in Sarawak and efforts are being intensified to curb it from spreading.

Chief assistant director of biosecurity and sanitary and phytosanitary measures management, Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia, Dr Rozanah Asmah Abd Samad said in Peninsular Malaysia, all dog owners are urged to vaccinate their dogs especially in the immune belt area which are areas near the borders of Thailand and Kalimantan, Indonesia.

“In this immune belt area it is compulsory for all dog owners to get their canines vaccinated and for stray dogs that has rabies, they will be put to sleep to avoid the disease from spreading,” she said at the 39th Asian Medical Students’ Conference 2018 in University Putra Malaysia here, today.

She said in Sarawak, it is bit difficult to curb the disease as the veterinary service staff have to go to rural areas which is very time consuming and laborious.

But nevertheless, the veterinary staff is employing the same strategy in Peninsular Malaysia and the department is trying to control the disease from spreading by putting some dogs with rabies to sleep but non-governmental organisations is making it a bit of a challenge for the department due to their protestations.

“The NGOs have to understand that infected dogs are very hazardous to our health and we put down the dogs in a humane way. Catching them is hard and some are fierce and we try our hardest to curb this disease and we are planning to do an awareness campaign regarding this matter,” said Rozanah.

She added reports on dog bites can be lodged at any hospitals and they will inform the vetinary department to handle the animals.



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