Government eyes 48 clinics to adopt the family doctor concept (FDC)


The Health Ministry is eyeing 48 clinics to develop the family doctor concept (FDC) on a yearly basis, Deputy Director-General (Public Health) Datuk Dr Azman Abu Bakar said.

He said the concept was developed at the health clinic level for access and increased public acceptance of primary health services.

"To date, 110 health clinics nationwide are practising the FDC, including in Sabah, namely the LahadDatu Health Clinic," he said.

Dr Azman said the FDC concept enabled individuals and households to obtain ongoing treatment from a family doctor, and the doctor was also responsible for the health status of the population under his care.

"This will ensure delivery of quality services as well as educating patients to a more systematic service with appointments, thereby reducing waiting time at clinics.