Government provides mental health care in 33 hospitals – Health Ministry


Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya told Dewan Negara recently that the government provides psychiatric treatment facilities at four institutions and 33 government hospitals nationwide.

He said mental health services at the primary healthcare level are also available at a total of 761 health clinics nationwide.

"The Health Ministry has also established 21 Community Mental Health Centres nationwide to provide screening, treatment and rehabilitation services at the community level.

"The ministry also provides counselling services and carers education on how to take care of mental patients at home to those whose family members suffer from a mental illness," he said.

On the crime cases involving rampage and aggressive act, he explained that not all the cases that occurred were due to mental problems.

"Clause 11 of the Mental Health Act 2001 and Mental Health Regulations 2010 seeks to empower any police officer or social welfare officer to apprehend any suspected mentally disordered person and to produce him for examination at a government or gazetted private hospital," he said.

Dr Hilmi said at the moment, the Social Welfare Department could refer individuals suspected of having a mental illness to any government hospitals to be screened and treated.