Malaysians above 20 urged to go for health check-ups


The deputy president of Family Medicine Specialists Association of Malaysia Dr Sri Wahyu Taher has advised Malaysians 20 years old and above to go for a health screening at least once a year to detect diseases like diabetes that appears more prevalent in the younger age group these days.

She said however, those with family members with a history of chronic diseases or suffer from other high risk conditions like obesity, should go for a health screening once every 6 months.

"Based on the 2017 statistics of the outpatients coming to my clinic alone, 15 to 20 % of them are at high risk for diabetes. Their blood sugar results are at the pre diabetes or clinical diabetes (very high sugar level) stage," said the family medicine consultant specialist attached with the Simpang Kuala Health Clinic near here.

"Many of them come to the clinic for other problems like fever or stomach ache and not for health screening when they find their sugar levels are high.

"Here, the doctor will advice all those coming to the clinic to undergo basic health screening like blood sugar level, blood pressure and weight even if they come with other problems," said Dr Sri Wahyu.