Most Malaysians deprived of vacations – Expedia study


A third of Malaysians globally say they are deprived of vacations, according to a study by online travel portal

The number is based on the portal’s 17th annual survey on vacation deprivation.Almost two-thirds of Malaysians surveyed revealed that they were very or somewhat vacation-deprived.

Expedia Southeast Asia and India General Manager, Simon Fiquet, said the primary reasons for the deprivation were budget or affordability issues, the desire to save up vacation days for longer holidays and the inability to get away from work.

He said the survey, which involved 15,000 full-time working adults in 30 markets, revealed that vacation deprivation was on the rise worldwide, with 53 % of respondents feeling vacation-deprived in 2017 compared to 49 % in 2016.

"Compared with the Americas and Europe, Asia-Pacific is leading the pack as the most vacation-deprived region, with South Korea topping the list, followed by France and Malaysia.”