Ministry sketches guidelines to prevent child deaths in vehicles


The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development has come up with a guideline for parents and guardians to follow in order to prevent injury and death in children in vehicles.

Its minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim said her ministry viewed seriously the negligence of parents leaving children in the vehicle which caused the deaths of five children and infants since 2016.

She said among the precautionary measures include advising parents to place their children in a special seat in the vehicle specifically for infants and children aged five and below; placing infants on the seat and tied to a safety belt; and not permitting children to be placed behind driver's seat because it is a blind spot.

"In addition, parents bringing infants or children in the vehicle are asked to place important items such as handbags at the back depending on the suitability of whether these are placed on the seat or in the passenger's leg area or place the bag needed by the child on the front seat to remind that the child is at the back," she said.