Luyang Health Clinic disinfected after patient lies about travel history

Luyang Health Clinic disinfected after patient lies about travel history

The Luyang Health Clinic near here had an overall cleaning and disinfection procedure conducted after one of its patients, who had just returned from South Korea, lied about his travel history.

It is learnt that the person had gone to the clinic a few days ago to seek medical attention for shortness of breath but had apparently passed the initial temperature screening at the entrance.

It was only later known that he had just returned from South Korea where he worked.

The matter came to light after a nurse from the clinic uploaded a video of herself talking about the situation and urging the public to be responsible and to be honest with health personnel when they have symptoms.

Photos of the clinic cleaning and disinfection process were also circulated on various social media platforms.

Sabah Health Department director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi told a news portal recently that the patient is now under home quarantine and had already gone through the required tests.

Sabah Health and People’s Well-being Minister Datuk Frankie Poon said the cleaning of the clinic is a standard operating procedure when dealing with such cases.

“All clinics have standard operating procedures, ” he said, adding there was no issue with Covid-19 in Sabah at the moment.

According to the ministry's website, a total of 149 suspected cases have been reported in Sabah and from this number, 117 had to be tested and the results were all negative for Covid-19.

From these 117 cases, 86 are Malaysians, 26 Chinese nationals, and one each from Jordan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Korea and Hong Kong.

These results are accurate as of Monday (March 9).