Hospitals prepared for any increase in Covid-19 cases

Hospitals prepared for any increase in Covid-19 cases

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba says government hospitals nationwide are prepared to handle any increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Adham said the ministry was at its “highest level” of preparedness and public hospitals are capable of receiving a high number of cases should a rapid spread of the virus occur.

Yesterday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had characterised the outbreak of the virus as a pandemic in view of the number of cases.

“Don’t worry, in Malaysia, we have 12 hospitals that have laboratories and that can treat Covid-19 and 57 others that can conduct screenings.

“I was informed that the Sungai Buloh Hospital has enough beds, wards and personnel to handle Covid-19 cases or patients under investigation (PUI).

“This hospital is specially prepared for Covid-19. We can handle up to 772 patients at any one time in Hospital Sungai Buloh,” he said at a press conference at the hospital today.

Asked about the missionary, who tested positive for Covid-19, after attending a mass gathering of 10,000 at the Sri Petaling mosque in Kuala Lumpur at the end of last month, Adham said there were no official instructions from Putrajaya against such assemblies.

He said the Cabinet had only urged those having any symptoms to avoid large gatherings.

“That’s for our own safety. That’s why we urge them to avoid crowds and practise social distancing.

“We want to reduce crowds, gatherings and mass events. This is for our own good.”