Govt not controlling Covid-19 vaccine prices at private health facilities

Govt not controlling Covid-19 vaccine prices at private health facilities

The government does not control the price of the Covid-19 vaccines administered by private health facilities following the end of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme for Children (PICKids) today, said deputy health minister Noor Azmi Ghazali.

“The price of vaccines will follow the ceiling price. This depends on the private sector because they have to buy the vaccine and charge for consultancy, consumables and so on. It depends on each facility and the price will vary,” he said after officiating the World No-Tobacco Day event here today.

Recently, he was reported to have said that the ministry of health (MoH) did not intend to extend PICKids as it had given enough time to parents to bring their children to get vaccinated for free.

He also said the MoH is now focused on getting children, who turned five on or after May 31, fully vaccinated.

“Children who have yet to turn five years old will continue to be given the opportunity to register and make an appointment at the link provided until Jan 31, 2023.

“Children who have registered for PICKids but are infected with Covid-19 should defer their vaccinations until they have recovered, for at least six weeks, after which they can go to a health clinic to get an appointment to get the vaccine before Aug 31,” he said.

In another development, he called for members of Parliament to support the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill which will be tabled in July.

He said a lot of efforts have been made to discourage smoking but the progress was slow.

“In addition, the vape culture will attract young people to continue smoking, so with this bill and the generational endgame proposal, it will definitely help solve this (smoking) problem,” he said.


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