Malaysians gaining support for the medical marijuana


Four out of every 10 Malaysians are in favour of legalising medical marijuana, a survey by YouGove Omnibus shows.

The survey found that 57% of the 1,012 Malaysians polled believe marijuana has medicinal value, while 12 % disagreed and 32 % said they don’t know.

However, when conversation turned to legalisation, the survey found that only 43% agreed that it should be made legal for this purpose.25% of the 1,012 Malaysians in the survey disagreed that marijuana should be made legal for medical use, while 32 % again said they did not know.

The poll also found that50% of Malaysian men were more likely to support legalising medical marijuana as compared to 36% of supportive female.

One in seven Malaysians have been diagnosed with medical conditions thatcould potentially be treated by medical marijuana. The most common medical conditions beingdepression, anxiety, eating disorders, and cancer. Those with a diagnosis are more likely to support the legalisation of medical marijuana.

“The debate on medical marijuana is a hotly contested one, and it appears Malaysians remain divided on the issue. There are plenty of factors swaying one’s opinion on whether or not legalisation should take place, be it gender, income group or, most notably, whether a person suffers from an illness medical marijuana can potentially treat,” said Head of YouGov Omnibus in APAC Jake Gammon.

Legalisation of recreational marijuana was found to have little backing among the Malaysians surveyed, with 60% opposition.

“Opposition to recreational marijuana legalisation comes more from older Malaysians, with 85% of those over the age of 55 against it,” YouGov said.

Overall, over 13% of Malaysians support legalisation of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. This compares to 43% Brits and 52% of Americans.

The YouGov research was carried out as Malaysia and Thailand race to become the first Asian country to legalise medical marijuana.

The poll also revealed that a number of Malaysians believe cannabis is more harmful than cocaine. The poll results ranked seven drugs in ascending harmfulness with caffeine being the least harmful, followed by tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, and heroin.


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