WHO reports 440,000 new measles cases globally in 2019

WHO reports 440,000 new measles cases globally in 2019

Over 440,000 people were infected with measles worldwide in 2019, Sputnik news agency reported the World Health Organisation (WHO) as saying in a statement published on Wednesday.

"As of 5 November 2019, there have been 440,263 confirmed cases reported to WHO through official monthly reporting by 187 Member States in 2019," the statement said.

According to WHO, large outbreaks of the disease continue, in particular in Madagascar and Nigeria.

As of Nov 17, there were 250,270 cases of suspected measles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, including 5,110 registered deaths associated with the disease. All provinces are affected, and a national vaccination campaign has begun.

In Europe, several outbreaks of the disease were recorded this year. In particular, in Ukraine, where, according to November data, there were 56,802 cases of measles, 10,126 in Kazakhstan, 3,904 in Georgia and 3,521 in Russia.

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease that starts in the respiratory system. Its spread has been steadily on the rise since 2016.


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