Laksa poisoning caused by salmonella bacteria


The Health Ministry has confirmed that the agent that caused food poisoning in laksa recently was due to a type of batreria known as “salmonella enterica serovar weltevreden”.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said “Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis” (PFGE) conducted conducted at the Sungai Buloh National Public Health Laboratory and the Penang Food Safety and Quality Laboratory today found the bacteria in the clinical samples of the patients and the laksa sample.

“The bacteria is detected in the laksa noodle which was bought last October 4 at a food stall. The laksa noodle was produced at a processing premise which is also owned by the food stall owner.

“The risk factors contributing to food poisoning are likely to arise from the process of preparing and storing unclean laksa noodles and the temperature during the process of preparing the laksa.

“The risk factor that contributes to the food poisoning incident was possibly caused during the process of preparing and storing of the laksa that is not clean, and the temperature during the processing stage which may be inadequate to kill the germs,” he said in statement here yesterday.

The total number of cases remained at 83, including two deaths due to food poisoning after the patients consumed laksa which was bought at a premise at Kupang, Baling, Kedah last October 8.
The breakdown of the cases are 34 cases, including two deaths in Perak, 25 cases in Kedah and 24 cases in Selangor.

“Salmonella enterica serovar weltevreden” is a stereotype bacteria “salmonella spp” that could cause fever, vomiting, stomach ace and diarrheoa .

According to Dr Noor Hisham, the Baling district health office had informed the results of the test to. the owner of the food stall.


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