3,768 dengue cases with six deaths in Kelantan since January

3,768 dengue cases with six deaths in Kelantan since January

A total of 3,768 dengue cases with six deaths have been recorded in Kelantan from January until now.

State Health director, Datuk Dr Zaini Hussin in a statement said the figure showed a drop of 26.68 per cent from 5,139 cases with six deaths within the same period, last year.

“Meanwhile, 356 dengue outbreaks were reported in the state within that period compared with 396 within the same period in 2019. Currently, there are five active outbreak locations in the state,” he said.

He added that last week until yesterday, 17 dengue cases were reported compared with 21 previously. Kota Bharu district recorded 15 cases last week from 14 the previous week.

Dr Zaini also said that the Kelantan State Health Department found that out of the 333,136 premises and homes inspected, 14,670 were breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquito.

He said 2,492 compound notices were issued with the estimated fines amounting to RM1,246,000, while 797 notices were also issued for cleaning and disinfection be carried out on premises with the potential of becoming Aedes breeding grounds.

Dr Zaini said dengue cases would increase if residents failed to check and ensure that their homes and surroundings were free of breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes, such as stagnant water. - Bernama