Compounded Heparin Sodium from SCA Pharmaceuticals not registered

The Compounded Heparin Sodium product from SCA Pharmaceuticals is not registered in Malaysia, said Ministry of Health (MOH) senior director of pharmaceutical services Dr Faridah Aryani Md Yusof.

She said the MOH had taken note of a report regarding the content of benzyl alcohol in the Heparin Sodium product that was uploaded on Facebook on Aug 28 titled “Heparin Sodium blood thinner is POISONOUS!!! Pregnant women beware!!!”

She said the report had raised doubts among users regarding the safety, quality and effectiveness of Heparin Sodium products which had been approved by the MOH for use in Malaysia.

Dr Faridah Aryani further explained that the products were vital for the treatment of certain illnesses and, thus far, there are 10 Heparin Sodium products registered in Malaysia. They are:

Compounded Heparin Sodium from SCA Pharmaceuticals not registered

Dr Faridah Aryani said benzyl alcohol is used in the formulation of some Heparin Sodium products as preservatives and its use is limited to children aged two and above, with the product labelling requirements set as: ‘As this preparation contains benzyl alcohol, its use shall be avoided in children under two years of age. Not to be used in neonates’.

“This is as a step to ensure the safe usage of the product among patients.

“The MOH, through the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), carries out continuous monitoring through its registered product quality monitoring programme and pharmacovigilance to ensure that consumers obtain quality, effective and safe remedies,” she said.

She urged the public not to upload or share any unverified information because such irresponsible action could raise doubts among the people, especially patients in need of treatment.