MOH implements temporary measures to address medicine supply shortage

The Health Ministry (MOH) has taken several temporary solutions to overcome the medicine supply shortage at private clinics and hospitals as well as community pharmacies in the country.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said private health facilities could apply for a loan of supply of medicines from other private health facilities or the nearest government health facility.

“Government health facilities can consider lending supplies of medicines for use during emergencies, crises and disasters by ensuring in advance the availability and balance of sufficient medicine stocks for the daily activities of the government health facilities,” he said in a statement today.

Khairy said if necessary, patients could be referred to the nearest government health facility to continue treatment, however, the patient may need to change the medication regimen based on the availability at the said facility.

He added that patients can also buy the medicines from community pharmacies with a prescription from the clinic or private hospital involved.

“The MOH hopes that these measures can provide a temporary solution to the medicine supply shortage at private health facilities to ensure the continuity of quality health services to the people,” he said.

He said that at the same time, the MOH had also started sharing information on the list of medicines with supply shortage issues and alternative product recommendations for these medicines with private medical practitioners, private hospitals and community pharmacies.

“This list will be updated from time to time. This measure is implemented to reduce the impact on the current situation and the optimal use of other generic drugs as alternatives, which still have a supply in the market.

“The MOH is working on a long-term solution to address this issue and continuous monitoring is being carried out to ensure the availability of medicines throughout Malaysia,” he said. – Bernama